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How to Find the Best Facelift Surgeon in Your Area

Many of our patients begin their plastic surgery journey with a familiar Google search: “best facelift surgeon in Toronto.” It’s always good to have high standards for the people performing your procedure. But when it comes to facial plastic surgeons, what exactly does the title of “best” really mean?  Many … Continue reading

We Answered the Web’s Most Searched Facelift Questions

Plastic surgery is always a personal decision, but it’s especially private when considering a facelift. At our Toronto practice, we receive a variety of questions from our facelift and neck lift patients. They want to reduce wrinkles, add facial volume, and look like younger versions of themselves. But they also … Continue reading

Social vs. Physical Downtime After a Facelift

Patients planning to get a facelift before a big social event, such as a wedding or a class reunion, need to plan ahead because social recovery can last longer than your physical recovery. Many facelift patients at my Toronto practice feel comfortable returning to work a couple of weeks after … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Choose a Facelift Over Fillers

People want a fresh, youthful-looking face that reflects how they feel. And, as nonsurgical cosmetic treatments become more popular, I get many patients asking about dermal fillers. Treatments like fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic are great for improving fine lines and restoring lost the volume that are early signs of aging. But … Continue reading

Facelift: How to Know When You’re Ready

When I meet with patients considering a facelift at my Toronto practice, they often aren’t sure if they are ready. With the rise of injectable fillers and other nonsurgical options, people tend to put off a full surgical facelift for as long as possible. Many people believe they must reach … Continue reading

Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Facelift Surgery

The women and men who come in for facelift consultations at my Toronto plastic surgery practice are often more concerned about the recovery than the procedure itself. The truth is the recovery following a facelift is usually much more comfortable than patients anticipate. That’s especially true if they follow the … Continue reading

Fat as Filler: Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation

Transferring fat from an area of the body where it’s unwanted–such as the abdomen or thighs–to the face to create a more youthful appearance is a process called fat grafting. I often use this technique during a neck or facelift at my Toronto practice to put the finishing touches on … Continue reading

Double Chin? A Neck Lift Is Your Best Option

If you’re concerned about having a “double chin,” you’ve probably read a lot about nonsurgical treatments that promise to create the sculpted jawline that both men and women desire. While I encourage patients to choose the least invasive option that achieves their goals, in most cases I recommend reducing the … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Have Your Facelift in the Fall

If you’re thinking about facial rejuvenation here in Toronto, you’ve probably considered the importance of timing as well as the other nuances of your surgery. In addition to wondering when in your life is the right time, there’s also the question of when in the year is the right time. … Continue reading

How to Look (And Feel) Your Best for Wedding Season

Early summer is unofficially “wedding season,” and by now you might have RSVP’d to several. Sure, the dancing and the cake are exciting to look forward to, but the photographs may not be. If you find yourself shying away from pictures, there’s still time to refresh your profile. From facelift … Continue reading

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