Breast Enhancement in the Toronto Area

Breast lift, breast reduction, and breast augmentation are some of Toronto’s most popular plastic surgery procedures — and Dr. Derek Ford, Dr. Hanna, and Dr. Snell are proud to offer the latest techniques. They offer numerous options for women (and men) who want to enhance their breasts and their body confidence.

If you’re considering surgical breast enhancement, request a consultation online with Ford Plastic Surgery. You may also call our Toronto office at  (416) 925-7337 or our Oshawa office at  (905) 743-9888 to schedule your appointment or learn more.


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Breast Augmentation

Today’s breast augmentation is faster and more efficient than ever, using durable, advanced implants or fat grafting to create natural-looking results that you can enjoy for years.

Breast Lift

Breasts that sag due to the effects of weight loss, pregnancy, aging, or heredity can be surgically lifted to sit higher on the chest for a youthful look.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can tremendously improve the physical and emotional effects of excessively large, heavy breasts — often with results that last for life.

Breast Reduction for Men

Men who struggle with excess breast tissue, a condition called gynecomastia, can find relief with male breast reduction surgery, performed with a conservative approach.

Complex Breast Revision 

Women who wish to remove, repair, or correct their breast implants may choose to undergo complex breast revision surgery to improve their breasts’ appearance or health. 

Derek Ford, MD FRCSC

A Talented Trio

With their expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Derek Ford, Dr. Steven Hanna, and Dr. Laura Snell create attractive, natural-looking results using advanced techniques. Each are Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada who provide compassionate patient care.

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