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At his Toronto practice, Dr. Ford performs abdominoplasty, colloquially called a "tummy tuck," for men and women alike who want slimmer, smoother abdomens. This procedure corrects muscle laxity and removes excess skin and fat that are difficult — if not impossible — to resolve with diet and exercise alone. Here, learn more about Dr. Ford's approach to safely improving this area of the body.

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Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos


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Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Introduction and Indications

The aim of tummy tuck surgery is to tighten loose abdominal muscles and to remove excess abdominal skin and fat. During pregnancy or a significant gain in weight, the fascia (fibrous tissue) surrounding the muscles of the abdomen is stretched. Once a woman delivers a child or a person loses a great deal of weight, the stretched fascia and overlying skin does not return to its firm, tight state. This often results in an abdomen that protrudes and is out of proportion to the rest of the body. Similarly, the abdominal skin can develop stretch marks and permanent laxity — and excess fat may appear concentrated around the abdomen. Unfortunately, these changes are rarely amenable to correction with exercise and diet alone. Tummy tuck is an excellent complement to a healthy lifestyle and is well-known for giving patients the attractive results they want.

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Some people come into Dr. Ford's office seeking liposuction for excess bulk around their midsections, however, liposuction only removes fat, and cannot correct lax skin and muscles. Men and women considering tummy tuck surgery generally have at least 2 of the following concerns:

  • Excess abdominal fat and skin that does not improve with diet or exercise
  • Lower abdominal stretch marks
  • Abdominal bulge or abdominal shape/contour change following pregnancy or massive weight loss
  • Difficulty finding clothing that fits appropriately
  • Decreased self-confidence related to the appearance of their abdomens

During the office consultation, Dr. Ford asks you many questions about how your abdomen has changed throughout the years — whether it's due to aging, pregnancy, prior abdominal surgery, weight changes, or a combination. You'll also discuss your medical and weight history. Dr. Ford measures your BMI (body mass index), and he notes any previous bariatric procedures, such as gastric banding or gastric bypass. If you wish to become pregnant in the future, Dr. Ford generally advises against tummy tuck surgery because future pregnancies can alter results.

During your consultation, he also records your skin quality and the presence of stretch marks. Although stretch marks above the navel are not typically removed during tummy tuck, stretch marks below the navel can often be reduced during surgery. For patients who have undergone a large weight loss, there is often an excess of abdominal tissue both in the vertical and horizontal dimension. In these situations, a vertical excision of tissue may be recommended; this is called a fleur de lis abdominoplasty.

Dr. Ford requires patients to maintain a stable weight for at least 6 months prior to surgery and strongly advises smokers to stop smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. If you're on anticoagulant (blood thinning) medications, discontinue using them 10 days prior to surgery with the permission of your primary care physician or prescribing specialist.


Abdominoplasty is performed while you are under general anesthesia. In most cases, Dr. Ford begins by making a horizontal incision across your abdomen. This incision extends from hip to hip, and he makes it low enough to be concealed by underwear or swimsuit bottoms. He removes unwanted fat deposits and tightens loose, weakened abdominal muscles using internal sutures. He cuts away excess unwanted skin and smooths it so that it the abdomen is firm and taut — a process called re-draping. Liposuction is often performed over the waist to optimize the postsurgical contour. Dr. Ford may also reshape the navel for improved aesthetics. Finally, he closes the incisions.

By choosing an experienced, credentialed surgeon such as Dr. Ford, you can do your part to ensure your tummy tuck is a safe, effective surgery that's likely to create long-lasting results.

Recuperating After Surgery

What is recovery from tummy tuck surgery like?

Following tummy tuck surgery, you'll need to give your body adequate time to rest and recuperate at home. Your abdomen will be bandaged, and you will likely have surgical drains in place to reduce fluid buildup in the lower abdominal area. Although Dr. Ford prescribes pain medicine to manage your discomfort, you will likely experience some soreness and stiffness. These sensations are normal. It's important to avoid strenuous activities, straining, or lifting heavy items. Although you may return to work after about 2 to 3 weeks, you'll likely need to wear a special support garment for a bit more time to support your abdomen as it continues to heal.

Tummy Tuck Considerations & Cost

Is tummy tuck surgery safe?

By choosing an experienced, credentialed surgeon such as Dr. Ford, you can do your part to ensure your tummy tuck is a safe, effective surgery that's likely to create long-lasting results. However, bear in mind that no surgery is completely free of risk. During your consultation, Dr. Ford reviews your individual risk factors and helps you decide whether tummy tuck is an appropriate choice for you.

Overall, tummy tuck is one of the most transformative procedures offered by Dr. Ford, and it remains a popular option among men and women alike.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

The cost of a tummy tuck can be broken down as follows:

Tummy Tuck: $10,170

Mini Tummy Tuck: $7,280

* Prices exclude taxes

Common Complements

The results of tummy tuck surgery are often enhanced by procedures including liposuction and breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, although each patient is different. For those who require a more significant degree of correction, the abdominoplasty is incorporated into a lower body lift, which addresses the lateral thighs and posterior waist. Dr. Ford discusses your options with you during your consultation.

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