Complex Breast Revision Surgery in the Toronto Area

Women in Toronto with concerns about their existing breast implants consult with Dr. Laura Snell about complex breast revision surgery. Many factors affect the decision to have this revision surgery. Some patients want to change their implants’ size or fill material, adjust for age-related changes, or remove them altogether. In other cases, we may need to correct an issue such as implant rupture, wrinkling, shifting, or capsular contracture. Under the expert care of Dr. Snell, breast revision surgery can address these concerns while helping you improve your appearance and self-image. 


While most women who have breast augmentation surgery are pleased with their results for many years, you may eventually consider having a revision procedure. Dr. Snell will examine your existing implants during your consultation and discuss your concerns. It is important to share as many details as possible about your initial surgery. Keep in mind that we may recommend pairing your breast revision with a breast lift to help you achieve optimal results.  

Derek Ford, MD FRCSC

A Talented Trio

With their expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Derek Ford, Dr. Steven Hanna, and Dr. Laura Snell create attractive, natural-looking results using advanced techniques. Each are Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada who provide compassionate patient care.

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Your Breast Revision Procedure 

While each patient’s needs vary, complex breast revision surgery can take between 1 to 3 hours. In many cases, Dr. Snell can use the same incisions as your original procedure to remove or replace the implants. In some cases, she may perform a capsulectomy to remove hardened scar tissue that has formed around the existing breast implants.  

Revision breast surgery may be performed as soon as 6 months following your original procedure in some cases or many years after your initial breast augmentation. Every patient’s situation is unique, and Dr. Snell will work with you to determine the ideal time for your revision procedure.  

How Much Does Breast Revision Surgery Cost in Toronto? 

Revision breast surgery is a notoriously complex area within plastic surgery. It requires careful planning by an expert surgeon as well as a shared understanding of the end goal to achieve excellent results. Dr. Snell has a wealth of experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery techniques. She is one of only two surgeons offering breast reconstruction at Canada’s largest trauma centre and has vast experience in revision breast surgery. Because her approach is unique to each patient, the cost of your revision procedure can be provided only after an initial consultation. 


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Our practice offers Crisalix, a way for patients to preview their results in 3-D. This adds a tangible, visual element to your planning process, giving you and Dr. Ford a common, beautiful goal.

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Complex Breast Revision Recovery and Results 

Recovery from a breast revision procedure depends on the complexity of the surgery. A patient with a straightforward implant removal or exchange will need a few days to 1 week of rest and downtime. Those who had a capsulectomy will likely need a longer recovery period.  

Initial swelling and bruising are normal and gradually subside. Wearing a compression bra helps minimize pain and enhance comfort during healing. As you heal, you should refrain from heavy lifting and raising your arms above your head.  

Your initial results should be noticeable within 3 months, but it may take up to a year to see the full effects of your breast revision. Women who maintain their ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle can expect their results to be long-lasting. 

What are common reasons for undergoing complex breast revision surgery?

Complex breast revision surgery can help patients who are experiencing capsular contracture, implant malposition, and ptosis of aging breasts.

If you are concerned about your existing implants or simply want a change, request a consultation online with Dr. Snell at Ford Plastic Surgery’s Toronto or Oshawa offices. You may call our Toronto office at  (416) 925-7337 or our Oshawa office at  (905) 743-9888 to schedule your appointment.