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Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Derek Ford specializes in Asian eyelid surgery at his Toronto practice for individuals who want a more defined eyelid crease. Many men and women feel that lifting the eyelid to reveal the area above the lash line helps them to look more alert and youthful. Dr. Ford is 1 of only 2 plastic surgeons in Canada with specialized oculoplastic training, and he carefully performs eyelid surgery for Asian patients to achieve their goals and preserve the character of their features.

If you think you may be a good candidate for Asian eyelid surgery, request a consultation online with Dr. Ford, or call our Toronto office at (416) 925-7337 or our Oshawa office at (905) 743-9888 to schedule your appointment.

Patient Results

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Patient Results

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Your Consultation

The goal of this surgery is to adjust the upper eyelid to create a “double eyelid,” meaning that the skin above the upper lashes is visible and there is a defined upper eyelid crease. Asian patients of all ages trust Dr. Ford to enhance their eyes with eyelid surgery.

Safety is a top priority, so Dr. Ford will verify that you’ve recently had a comprehensive eye exam. He will also ask you if you have any pre-existing eye conditions such as dry eye or glaucoma, and whether you’ve had eye surgery in the past, including LASIK.

Dr. Ford will also discuss any potential risks involved with the procedure. Complications during eyelid surgery are very rare, but Dr. Ford wants to ensure that each of his patients is fully educated about the procedure. He welcomes any and all questions or concerns during the entire process—from preliminary appointments to recovery.

Derek Ford, MD FRCSC

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Dr. Ford will do an exam during consultation, so he can create an individualized surgical plan to achieve your goals. Most candidates for Asian eyelid surgery want to:

  • Create a noticeable upper eyelid crease
  • Have eyes that appear larger and more open
  • Make eyeshadow and mascara application easier


Asian eyelid surgery requires in-depth knowledge of the entire ocular region, which Dr. Ford acquired during his oculoplastic surgery training. Dr. Ford performs the surgery with the patient under local anesthesia, but may opt for general anesthesia if you are combining your eyelid surgery with another procedure. The surgery takes approximately 1 hour to perform, and you will be able to return home the same day after a brief observation period. There are 2 options for Asian eyelid surgery:

  • Incisional double eyelid surgery uses an incision and sutures to create an eyelid fold. It has the most dramatic and long lasting results, but requires a slightly longer recovery time.
  • Suture method double eyelid surgery only requires small incisions and intricate suturing to create a more defined fold.

Some patients also have fatty deposits that cause upper eyelid heaviness, and Dr. Ford removes these during surgery. Asian eyelid surgery can be combined with a brow lift for patients with concerns about a drooping brow or wrinkled forehead.

See What's Possible

Our practice offers Crisalix, a way for patients to preview their results in 3-D. This adds a tangible, visual element to your planning process, giving you and Dr. Ford a common, beautiful goal.

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Recovery & Results

Before the day of your surgery, Dr. Ford will give you detailed instructions about postoperative care. For the first 72 hours after your procedure, it is best to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. You should also apply cool compresses to your eyes. Do not be alarmed if your eyelids are swollen or red; these side effects are common and will soon subside.

Dr. Ford suggests that you use antibiotic ointment on the incisions and in the eye. He typically removes skin closure sutures after about 7 days. Make sure to get plenty of rest, and do not overexert yourself during the first couple of days. Don’t plan on any vigorous activities for the first 2 weeks.

You may begin wearing makeup 10 days after your procedure. Wearing makeup too soon can cause irritation or other complications.

Most of the bruising and swelling will improve after 3 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns during your recovery.

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Derek T. Ford, MD, FRCSC