How Long Does Blepharoplasty Last? Answers to Your Recovery FAQs

Drooping or sagging eyelids can make you appear tired and older than your age. Your field of vision may even be obstructed.

Are you considering eyelid surgery but find yourself wondering, “How long does blepharoplasty last?” or “What’s the recovery process like?” It’s only natural to have these concerns. This post will answer 10 common questions about what to expect after blepharoplasty.

1. How Long Does Swelling Last After Eyelid Surgery?

Swelling is a typical post-surgery occurrence, usually peaking 2 to 3 days post-surgery and resolving in about 3 weeks. Applying gentle cold compresses and keeping your head elevated will help reduce swelling.

2. When Will My Stitches Be Removed?

Sutures will be removed at your follow-up visit—about 7 to 10 days after surgery.

3. Can I Expect Any Changes in My Vision Following the Procedure?

Temporary changes in vision, such as blurriness or sensitivity to light, may occur immediately after eyelid surgery. These changes are typically short-lived, lasting just a few days to a few weeks.

4. When Can I Wash My Eyes After Blepharoplasty?

You can typically shower the day after surgery, but keep shampoo and soap out of your eyes. It’s also important to keep your eyelids clean during your recovery; we will provide detailed instructions for this aftercare.

5. Is It Normal to Experience Dry Eyes After Eyelid Surgery?

Dry eyes can be a common but temporary experience after blepharoplasty. Lubricating eye drops may be prescribed to ease any discomfort. However, chronic dry eye is not a side effect of the procedure.

6. How Long Will My Eyes Feel Tight After Blepharoplasty?

Feeling tightness in the eye area is normal in the first few weeks following the procedure. It’s part of the healing process, and the sensation will gradually subside.

7. How Long After Blepharoplasty Can I Wear Makeup?

You may resume wearing makeup after your sutures are removed (usually 7 to 10 days after surgery).

8. How Can I Minimize Scarring?

Protecting the eyelid area from sunlight is essential to minimizing potential scarring. Starting 6 weeks post-surgery, gently massage your scars and apply a silicone scar cream twice daily. Maintain this routine for 3 to 6 months to reduce the appearance of your scars. Since the surgical incisions are made in natural folds of the eyelids or the lash line, the resulting scars are not noticeable once healed.

9. When Will I Be Able To See the Full Results?

The results of your eyelid surgery will gradually reveal themselves over a few months. As the swelling subsides and the healing continues, the true outcome of the procedure will become more apparent.

10. How Long Does Blepharoplasty Last?

Blepharoplasty results last indefinitely, but no procedure can stop the aging process. Factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle can influence longevity, but with proper care and healthy living, you can enjoy rejuvenated eyes for many years.

Eyelid Surgery Before-and-After Photos

Before & After Blepharoplasty
Before & After Blepharoplasty
Before & After Blepharoplasty
Before & After Blepharoplasty
Before & After Blepharoplasty

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