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Social vs. Physical Downtime After a Facelift

Patients planning to get a facelift before a big social event, such as a wedding or a class reunion, need to plan ahead because social recovery can last longer than your physical recovery. Many facelift patients at my Toronto practice feel comfortable returning to work a couple of weeks after … Continue reading

A Subtle Breast Augmentation? It’s Possible

For many women, breast augmentation is a sensitive topic. Some worry that their implants will look obvious or unnatural, especially if they’re not in harmony with their bodies. Unlike a decade or so earlier, when patients wanted implants to create noticeable cleavage, the trend now is wanting breast enhancement without … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Choose a Facelift Over Fillers

People want a fresh, youthful-looking face that reflects how they feel. And, as nonsurgical cosmetic treatments become more popular, I get many patients asking about dermal fillers. Treatments like fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic are great for improving fine lines and restoring lost the volume that are early signs of aging. But … Continue reading

Drains After Tummy Tuck: What Do I Need to Know?

You might have read about drains during your tummy tuck research. Tummy tucks are popular for creating a flatter abdominal area, along with a couple of other interesting perks. But the surgery is also well-known for another reason: a longer recovery time than many other plastic surgery procedures. Surgical drains serve … Continue reading

Eyelid Surgery: Why Experience Matters

The eyes are the focal point of the face and play a key role in the way we come across to others. When drooping eyelids cause you to appear tired or worn, an expertly performed eyelid surgery can open up the face and create a more awake and youthful look. … Continue reading

Facelift: How to Know When You’re Ready

When I meet with patients considering a facelift at my Toronto practice, they often aren’t sure if they are ready. With the rise of injectable fillers and other nonsurgical options, people tend to put off a full surgical facelift for as long as possible. Many people believe they must reach … Continue reading

Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Or Both?

When I consult with women considering breast augmentation at my Toronto practice, I sometimes have to explain that they probably need a breast lift in addition to breast implants. That’s typically not an easy conversation to have because many of the women believe they can get the results they want … Continue reading

5 Common Eyelid Surgery Myths

Many patients tell me that because of the appearance of their eyes, they’re often asked if they’re feeling tired, even when they’re well-rested and feeling energized. Often the culprit is sagging or wrinkled eyelids, and the good news is that eyelid surgery can usually address this common condition. However, men … Continue reading

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