Tips for a Smooth Breast Augmentation Recovery

Winter is sometimes considered the optimal season to get plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. In Toronto, we see more patients schedule breast enhancement surgery during the colder months for some very good reasons.

Timing is one of the reasons so many women get breast implants in the winter. In November, December, and January, Toronto is a bit chilly, and spending time indoors recovering after breast augmentation surgery doesn’t sound so bad. In addition, a winter wardrobe is better for concealing bandages and other signs of your surgery.

Winter’s holidays also provide extra time off that can fit your recovery schedule, and many women decide that getting breast implants is a nice gift to themselves. One more important benefit to getting breast augmentation during the winter: You’ll be ready to show off the full results of the procedure just in time for the warm weather months.

Breast augmentation recovery is actually tolerated fairly well by most of our patients. What can you expect?

  • Minimal to moderate discomfort. Most patients switch to over-the-counter medication to manage their pain within the first couple of days after the surgery.
  • Expect to take about a week off to recuperate at home.
  • After about a week, patients can resume less strenuous physical activities.
  • Avoid lifting anything heavier than a couple of pounds and engaging in vigorous exercise for several weeks.

The advanced surgical techniques I use for breast augmentation results in less trauma to breast tissue and muscle, meaning patients typically experience faster recoveries than in the past.

I encourage you to learn more about the procedure on our Breast Augmentation page, and browse our photo gallery to view before-and-after pictures showing results from some of my actual patients.

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