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At his offices in Toronto and Oshawa, Dr. Derek Ford specializes in brow lift surgery for men and women who want a more youthful looking forehead and eyebrows. Due to age or heredity, your brow may droop, causing people to ask you if you're angry or sad. Additionally, eyelid surgery can cause the brow to descend — one of several reasons the two surgeries are commonly performed together. For men, the goal is to restore a smooth forehead and a natural, horizontal brow position. For women, Dr. Ford typically elevates the lateral arch (tail) of the brow for the most natural, youthful looking results.

A Brow Lift Specialist

Dr. Ford trained with Dr. Oscar Ramirez, a pioneer in endoscopic techniques for procedures such as brow lift. He also completed specialized fellowship training with other leaders in the field of facial plastic surgery. He remains at the forefront of surgical techniques as part of his role as an instructor of facial plastic surgery at University of Toronto. He approaches each brow lift procedure as unique, and fully tailors your surgical plan to your goals and physical traits.

If you think your brow could use a lift, request a consultation online with Dr. Ford. You may also call our Toronto office at (416) 925-7337 or our Oshawa office at (905) 743-9888 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Ford approaches each brow lift procedure as unique, and fully tailors your surgical plan to your goals and physical traits.

Derek Ford, MD FRCSC

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Introduction and Indications

A drooping or sagging brow can prematurely age you, making you look perpetually tired or angry, even if you're not. For a more open, alert appearance, Dr. Ford often recommends brow lift (sometimes called "forehead lift"). During this procedure, Dr. Ford almost always uses an endoscopic technique to lift and reposition the brow to a more youthful placement.

Brow lift and eyelid surgery are often performed together, but they are distinctly different procedures. Good candidates for brow lift typically present with 1 or more of the following symptoms:

  • A "heavy" brow that overshadows the eyelids
  • In women, brows that have lost their youthful arch
  • Deep forehead lines or furrows
  • Upper lids that can't be adequately improved by upper eyelid surgery

Combining Eyelid Surgery With Your Brow Lift

While a brow lift on its own reduces heaviness of the brow area, eyelid surgery can complement the procedure for a more fully refreshed and youthful look. Eyelid surgery improves on a brow lift in several ways:

  • Reduces hooding of the upper eyelids
  • Lifts sagging lower eyelids
  • Corrects puffy bags under the eyes

During your consultation, Dr. Ford will carefully assess your eye area and recommend the procedure or combination of procedures best suited to you. He may recommend a facelift as well to rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of your face. In addition to providing a more complete rejuvenation of the upper face, combining brow lift and eyelid surgery limits downtime to a single recovery period, reduces exposure to anesthetic, and makes the surgery more affordable than having the procedures performed at different times.


During your consultation, Dr. Ford closely examines your face to determine whether brow lift surgery is an appropriate option for you. He also discusses your medical history as well as your lifestyle habits. Dr. Ford explains his approach to brow lift, which typically involves an endoscope. An endoscope is a very small, thin tube with a camera attached to one end. The camera helps Dr. Ford visualize the surgical area without the need for a large incision. Most patients are eligible for this approach, which leaves no visible scars.


Dr. Ford can perform brow lift while you are under either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Ford begins by making 4 small incisions behind your hairline. Once he has made the incisions, Dr. Ford inserts an endoscope to help him visualize the area. He raises and adjusts muscles and other underlying tissue, securing them with dissolvable internal endotines.

Patient Results

See the possibilities of Dr. Ford's work for yourself when you visit our gallery of real patient before-and-after photos.

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Recuperating After Surgery

Brow lift is an outpatient procedure, although patients will need to be accompanied by a friend or family member as they return home. Dr. Ford does not use drainage tubes, so recuperation is quite comfortable. Swelling and a "puffy" appearance are common, so expect to postpone work and social activities for 1 to 2 weeks. By this point, you will be able to carefully apply makeup. You may have some residual numbness in your brow and forehead for about 1 month, but rest assured that this is nearly always temporary. While your incisions heal, be careful to avoid direct, unprotected sun exposure, as this can cause excessive scarring. All incisions are behind the hairline and therefore not visible once they heal.

Brow Lift Considerations

Brow lift is an exceedingly safe procedure, and thousands of men and women undergo the surgery annually without experiencing any major complications. However, because it is surgery, there are some risks. Your individual risk factors are dependent on a few different things, including your age, overall health, and the scope of your procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Ford reviews your risks with you and helps you determine whether brow lift is the safest option for your needs.

Common Complements

Brow lift is often combined with eyelid surgery, fat grafting, and facelift for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

How much does a brow lift cost?

Endoscopic brow lift $6,590

Endoscopic brow lift with upper blepharoplasty $9,370

Endoscopic brow lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty $13,930

* Prices exclude taxes

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