We Answered the Web’s Most Searched Facelift Questions

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Plastic surgery is always a personal decision, but it’s especially private when considering a facelift. At our Toronto practice, we receive a variety of questions from our facelift and neck lift patients. They want to reduce wrinkles, add facial volume, and look like younger versions of themselves. But they also want a delicate touch that doesn’t look “overdone.”

Because the facelift is a unique, specialized procedure, patients often do a lot of research before their consultations. Are you curious if a facelift is right for you? Keep reading. We’ve answered the web’s most-searched facelift questions.

How is a facelift done?

A facelift involves tightening and repositioning facial tissues and their underlying muscles. To begin, the doctor makes an incision around the ears and just behind the hairline. They then use these points to address the deeper layer of the face called the SMAS. By lifting tissues and removing excess skin, the surgery creates a more youthful, oval-shaped face.

How painful is a facelift?

As with any surgery, facelift recovery involves a mild amount of discomfort. It is common to experience tightness, itchiness, bruising, or swelling over the course of a few days. Your doctor can prescribe pain medication and provide you with a topical ointment that will keep your incisions clean and comfortable. Most patients return to their normal activities after around 2 weeks.

When do facelift scars fade?

Facelift scars will almost completely fade around 6 months after surgery. It may take up to one year post-surgery for the scars to fully heal. However, most facelift incisions are placed in locations that are barely visible to begin with. You won’t have to style your hair differently or wear excessive makeup in order to conceal your scars.

At what age should you have a facelift?

Most of our facelift patients are women and men in their late 40s or 50s, but this isn’t a strict guideline. Genetics, skin health, and other factors play an important part in determining if you’re a good facelift candidate. If you’re struggling with significant skin sagging and loss of facial volume, a facelift may be right for you—regardless of age.

How much does a facelift cost?

In Toronto, our facelift and neck lift procedures range from $15,000 to $23,070. The lower range involves a facelift that mainly addresses the lower to mid-section of the face. The higher range typically involves a combination of other age-defying procedures (such as a facelift along with a neck lift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery) to create more comprehensive results.

It’s smart to do plenty of research before deciding on plastic surgery in the Toronto area. If you think a facelift is right for you, be sure to choose a Royal College-certified plastic surgeon who will provide you with safe, satisfying results.

Browse our facelift before-and-after pictures to see examples of real patient results. If you would like to learn more, request a consultation online or call (416) 925-7337 (Toronto) or (905) 743-9888 (Oshawa).

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