3 Reasons To Choose a Facelift vs Fillers; Cost, Results & More

Woman smiling after facelift results by Dr. Derek Ford in Toronto

People want a fresh, youthful-looking face that reflects how they feel. And, as nonsurgical cosmetic treatments become more popular, I get many patients asking about dermal fillers. Treatments like fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic are great for improving fine lines and restoring lost volume—the early signs of aging. But sometimes patients struggle with deeper lines, saggy skin, or a square-shaped face; these are concerns that nonsurgical options don’t address.

There are different benefits and limitations when comparing a facelift vs fillers and other nonsurgical treatments. Here are 3 reasons to consider choosing a facelift over dermal fillers.

Reason #1:  See More Dramatic Results

Sure, facelifts are a more extensive procedure, but they also produce more dramatic results. Ideal facelift candidates have several common issues, such as:

  • Folds, deep wrinkles, and thinning skin
  • Droopy soft tissue along the jowls and neck
  • Sunken, hollow-looking cheeks

Problems with loose skin and weakening muscles can’t be fixed by injectables alone. Surgically removing skin and repositioning tissues is necessary. By addressing all these issues together, a facelift creates a more profound, comprehensive transformation. As demonstrated by Dr. Ford’s patients’ before and after pictures, the results better combat the facial problems that naturally come with aging.

Reason #2: Compare Facelift vs Filler Costs

Fillers are popular because of their lower price point. While great at hiding the subtle signs of aging, they also come with a shorter lifespan and need to be refreshed every 6 to 12 months. This eventually adds up to a higher cost and more time spent in the plastic surgery office.

A facelift requires a higher upfront investment but allows you to save more money in the long term. The results can also last up to 10 years—significantly longer than the length of injectable treatments. You can compare the costs for yourself on our Pricing page.

Reason #3: Craft A Custom Treatment

Facelifts have the benefit of coming with many options. Our practice performs several variations of the procedure, including:

  • Full facelift—rejuvenates the lower 2/3 of the face, providing the most significant results
  • Mini facelift—uses a limited incision technique on the lower face, correcting early signs of aging
  • Endoscopic midface lift—less invasive than traditional facelifts, focusing from below the eyes down to the cheeks

These different takes on the facelift are personalized to each patient’s unique facial anatomy. Combined with supplemental treatments – such as eyelid surgery or a chin and cheek augmentation—we can customize the procedure to best address your needs.

While it’s impossible to compare dollar-to-dollar which is the best treatment path for you, I thoroughly explain all options during my one-on-one consultations. If you have questions about facelifts or other cosmetic procedures, request a personal consultation using the online form or by calling (416) 925-7337.

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