How To Prepare for Breast Augmentation

Deciding to have breast augmentation is both exhilarating and significant. And as with any important life choice, preparation is vital. This blog post will help you create a pre- and post-surgery checklist to lay the groundwork for an easier, stress-free recovery.

Your Pre-Surgery Consultation: Understanding What’s Ahead

Think of your pre-surgery consultation with your surgeon as a step in charting your journey and avoiding surprises down the road. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Be transparent with your surgeon about any medication and supplements you’re taking. They’ll guide you on what to continue, what to pause, and what might need a substitute.
  • Your surgeon might prescribe specific medications to prepare your body before the surgery. Follow their recommendations for optimal surgery results and a smooth recovery.

Mentally Preparing for Your Procedure

The key to the right post-surgery mindset? Steer your thoughts toward positive anticipation—arming yourself with knowledge about the realistic results to expect and squaring away any lingering concerns.

Having a supportive circle can help—those friends who always have your back or others who’ve had the procedure and can share their firsthand insights.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

Viewing the before-and-after photos of previous patients can help you envision what awaits you on the other side of surgery and recovery while you’re preparing for breast augmentation.  

How To Prepare Yourself Physically for Plastic Surgery & Recovery

Your body is about to undergo a transformative procedure. These are some steps you can take to prep for an effective breast augmentation recovery:

  • Elevate your intake of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to enhance healing.
  • Consume adequate protein such as chicken, fish, and legumes to promote tissue and muscle repair.
  • Stay hydrated with ample water for improved skin elasticity, kidney function, and toxin flushing.

Pre-surgery habits can dictate your post-surgery recovery:

  • Stop smoking at least a few weeks before and after surgery; it hinders healing by narrowing blood vessels.
  • Reduce alcohol, as it poses a risk during surgery and interferes with post-op medications.

Setting Up Your Post-Surgery Support System

Breast augmentation recovery is relatively quick and straightforward. However, having dependable assistance is helpful for a seamless recovery:

  • Have someone on standby for the first couple of days after surgery to assist with essential tasks such as meal prep and medication management.
  • If you have young children, arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you to help with child care or hire a babysitter. Keeping quiet-time activities, like crafts, games, and books, on hand can be beneficial.
  • If you have a pet, consider arranging a temporary stay with a friend or facility. If that’s not feasible, seek assistance from a neighbour or hire a pet sitter.

Create a Comfortable Recovery Space

Start by outfitting your recovery space with supportive pillows and soft bedding, which can help you rest and sleep comfortably while you recover. A recliner allows you to easily adjust your position without rearranging pillows—helping you find that perfect angle for relaxation. This can be especially helpful in the initial days post-surgery when getting up from a flat position without using your arms might be challenging.

While you’re healing, why not make the most of your downtime? Gather a selection of books and queue up some TV shows or movies you want to watch. Music can also be a therapeutic tool; consider creating playlists of calming tunes and songs you enjoy.

What’s Next?

If you have pre-surgery questions or you’d like to speak with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon about breast augmentation, call our office today at (416) 925-7337 or request a consultation.

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