Your Guide to Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Mature brunette woman smiling. Prospective plastic surgery patients almost always have questions regarding the recovery process — both immediate and long-term. Because blepharoplasty here in Toronto is so popular, I want to touch on that specific recovery process in this blog post. Below, I’ll answer the 2 most common questions patients have as they plan their surgeries.

What Will I Look Like?

Due to the vascularity of the head and neck, eyelid surgery can create quite a bit of swelling. However, the worst is typically over within a week after surgery. I recommend keeping your head elevated for 72 hours after surgery (including during sleep) to minimize swelling and facilitate healthy healing. I remove sutures 1 week after surgery, and most patients feel comfortable returning to work at the 10-day mark, when it’s safe to wear makeup again. At the 3-week mark, you can get an excellent sense of your ultimate results, since this is when swelling and bruising are typically completely resolved.

Eyelid surgery before-and-after photos
This eyelid surgery patient saw an amazing reduction in her under-eye bags.

How Will I Feel?

For the remainder of the day after your surgery, expect to feel groggy and sore. Most of my patients spend surgery day napping and relaxing at home (with their heads elevated, of course). While you’ll need to take it easy for at least 2 weeks following surgery, most of my patients are surprised by how comfortable recuperation is relative to their expectations. Prescription pain medicine can help alleviate lingering discomfort, but most patients find it easy to manage their symptoms with over-the-counter products.

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