3 Reasons to Have Your Facelift in the Fall

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If you’re thinking about facial rejuvenation here in Toronto, you’ve probably considered the importance of timing as well as the other nuances of your surgery. In addition to wondering when in your life is the right time, there’s also the question of when in the year is the right time. Before moving on, remember that every patient is different, and there is no universally ideal time for a facelift or any other type of elective surgery. Instead, it’s important to make the decision based on your own needs. That said, there are a few great reasons why fall may be the right time for you:

  1. 1. Wind Down: Summer is a notoriously busy time of year for most people. With vacations, sports, family functions, and more, recovering from surgery in the summertime is generally less than ideal. Undergoing a facelift in the fall will prepare you for the season’s wind-down, reminding you to stop and take it easy. It’s important to stay out of direct sunlight while you recuperate, so saving your surgery for after summer can help you avoid sun-related damage and irregular scarring, ensuring ideal results.
  2. 2. Better Timing: If you’re a parent or guardian of children, especially younger kids, they’ll be back in school in the fall and you’ll have more time to yourself. With vacation season over, your schedule will likely slow down and get back to a more predictable pattern. As an added bonus, fall brings calmer, cooler days to keep you comfortable while you recover.
  3. 3. Ready for the Holidays: The winter holidays are a bit like a smaller-scale summertime. With vacations and family gatherings on the horizon, looking your best is probably on your mind. By scheduling your facial surgery for the autumn months, you can ensure you’re fully healed and looking your very best for those upcoming company parties and family get-togethers.

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