Why Blepharoplasty for Asian Patients Requires Specialized Skill


Double eyelid surgery is a specialized form of blepharoplasty I perform at my Toronto practice for Asian patients who believe having an eyelid crease is more aesthetically pleasing.

Most eyelid surgery patients are concerned either about early signs of aging or a heavy-lidded appearance, either of which causes them to look perpetually tired. Double eyelid surgery is designed to create an overall impression of an eyelid opening that appears larger. For the past 50 years, double eyelid surgery has been the most popular aesthetic procedure performed in Asia.

An Asian patient’s facial features, including the shape of the eyes and face, tends to be different from Caucasians. Approximately 50% of all Asians are born with the “single eyelid” without an upper eyelid crease, while the remainder are born with an upper lid crease.

Some people misinterpret the desire to have the surgery as a way to look more “Western.” The patients who come to my practice say they prefer the appearance of a single crease in the eyelid, while maintaining a look that honors their Asian heritage.

Asian eyelid surgery, in many ways, is quite similar to upper blepharoplasty performed on other patients. During a double eyelid procedure, I remove a small amount of skin and fat and create a crease, usually lower on the eyelid than where it naturally appears on a Caucasian eyelid. By precisely suturing the incision, I can create desirable results.

I recently wrote about the cost of eyelid surgery. The cost of double eyelid surgery is similar to upper eyelid surgery, but it can vary based on the extent of the procedure.

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